Piezo Resonator

The drive source for this piezo-type feeder is a piezo resonator(element)made of fine ceramics that consist of lead titanate and lead zirconate. The direct drive works off the piezo effect resulting from strain when voltage is applied. This provides the highly effective feed you find on this innovative feeder.

Easy controller frequency setting for ideal operation.
No variation with use over the years. No need for adjustments of
oscillating spring at a time of assembly or for 50/60 Hz areas.

The electromechanical conversion efficiency of the piezo resonator is very high,assuring great energy savings of 1/20 to 1/30.


Vibrating Plate System

Vibrating plate is widely used in electronics, medicine, food, connectors, batteries, hardware and auto parts and other industries, the automation of the work piece orientation, sorting the materials, packaging, counting and detection.

Signet 2507 Mini Flow Rotor Sensor

Sanki drives are widely used to power systems which consist of bowl and linear feeders with an optional hopper. The bowl can be inside or outside tooled, stainless fabricated or machined, and built to various specs including demanding FDA and Class 10 Clean Room requirements. Other features as follows:

  • high-speed feeding with redundant orientation geometry possible
  • suited to a wide range of part sizes and shapes
  • easily equiped with piezo-electric or electro-magnetic hoppers
  • Deliveries as quick as 5-6 weeks possible



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