X200 Hitachi-Inverter

Hitachi’s second new range, the X200 (shown above), is a compact inverter aimed at OEMs. It costs less than the present L200 range, but offers more functions and has built-in filters and a safe-stop function. It provides "enhanced" V/f control and incorporates similar trip avoidance functions to the SJ700. It will span ratings from 0.2–7.5kW.


SJ200 Series of Inverter drives

The SJ200 features a variety of new and enhanced functions, providing unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. They include an advanced trip avoidance function, side-by-side mounting capability, built-in timing logic and analog input math (PLC) functions, DIP-switch hand-off-ratio, removable control terminal connector, and RS485 Modbus RTU communication interface. An optional NEMA4X keypad kit will allow flexible and cost-effective panel mounting. Once again, Hitachi leads inverter technology and sets a new industry micro-drive standard.

SJ700 Series of Inverter drives

The SJ700 extends Hitachi’s model range up to 500 hp, and significantly expands on the performance, capabilities and functions of the SJ300. Three models, 250 hp, 400 hp and 500 hp are being released at this time. The SJ300 remains to cover the range from 200 hp and below.

Hitachi reasserts its technological leadership with an improved Sensorless Vector (SLV) control algorithm that enables the SJ700 to develop more than 150% starting torque at 0.3 Hz. Using Hitachi’s unique “0 Hz Domain” open-loop control mode, the SJ700 can develop 130% torque at 0 Hz, ideal for vertical lift applications. At the same time, Hitachi has greatly simplified the autotuning process, making commissioning trouble-free.


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