2551 Magmeter Flow Sensor

The Signet 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style magnetic flow sensor that features no moving parts. The patented* sensor design is available in corrosionresistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs. Material options include PP with stainless steel, PVDF with stainless steel, PVDF with Hastelloy-C, or PVDF with Titanium. Utilizing the comprehensiveline of Signet installation fittings, sensor alignment and insertion depth is automatic. These versatile, simpleto- install sensors deliver accurate flow measurement over a wide dynamic range in pipe sizes ranging from DN15 to DN300 (0.5 to 12 inches), satisfying the requirements of many diverse applications.

Ideal for:

-Chemical Processing
-Water and Wastewater Monitoring
-Commercials pools, spas and aquariums
-Demineralization regeneration
-Metal recovery and landfill leachate
-Scrubber control
-Neutralization systems

Signet 2850 Conductivity/Resistivity Sensor Electronics and Integral Systems

The Signet 2850 Conductivity/Resistivity Sensor Electronics are available in various configurations for maximum installation flexibility. The universal mount version is for pipe, wall, or tank mounting and enables single or dual (digital versions only) inputs using any standard Signet conductivity /resistivity sensor. The threaded j-box version
can be used with these same Signet sensors for submersible sensor mounting.

Signet 2507 Mini Flow Rotor Sensor

The Signet 2507 Mini Flow Rotor Sensor contains a free-running rotor thatis driven by the fluid flow. Within the given measurement range, the rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the fluid flow rate. Magnets built into the rotor trigger an electronic switch in the top of the sensor creating a square-wave output. Both opaque and transparent fluids can be measured with kinematic viscosities
between 0.2 to 20.0 centistokes.

Signet i-Go™ 8058 Signal Converter

The Signet i-Go™ 8058 Signal Converter accepts any 4 to 20 mA signal and converts it into the Signet digital (S3L)format, the serial data format used by the Signet 8250, 8350, 8450 and 8900 instruments. When used with the 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller, the measurement
type and operating range are defined in the 8900 setup menu.
When used with level, temperature and pressure transmitters, the 8058 is configured at the factory to the user’s specifications.

The wire-mount single-channel version is easily mounted anywhere in
the interconnecting wiring between the sensor and the instrument.
The DIN rail mounted dual-channel version can convert one or two separate 4 to 20mA inputs into a digital (S3L) output.


Signet 2450 Pressure Sensors

The 2450 Pressure Sensor has a onepiece injection molded PVDF body
and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in corrosive liquids.
Three pressure range versions allow for optimal resolution matched to your sensing needs. Solid state circuitry eliminates drift (no internal potentiometers). Built-in temperature compensation provides outstanding accuracy over wide temperature
ranges. These sensors are available with a proprietary digital output (S3L), or field-scaleable 4 to 20mA output. Dual-threaded ends allow submersion in process vessels, or in-line installation with conduit connection. Integral adapters (sold separately) may be used to create a compact assembly with a field mount version
of the Signet 8250 Level or 8450 Pressure Transmitter.

Signet 6400 Intrinsic Safety Barriers

George Fischer Signet offers single channel intrinsic safety barriers for
use with the 515, 525 and 2517 paddlewheel flow sensors. Both versions use a 1/2 inch wide housing which snaps directly to a 35mm DIN rail. Once mounted, an electrical connection is formed between the barrier and the rail. The rail serves as the intrinsic safety ground bus when connected to the designated grounding point.

Two additional ground lugs are provided and may be used as a redundant grounding method or for terminating shields. Each barrier also contains a replaceable 160mA fuse cartridge for each channel. Safety barriers are polarity sensitive devices and are available in +DC and AC voltage ratings.

Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Compatibility Overview

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