CIMON BP Series integrates CPU, Digital I/O, Power, Communicationfacilities in PLC body. This allows easy installation in a limited space.

- BP Series is suitable for controlling a small-sized system.

- Though the body is small, it is packed with lots of useful commands and features, and high processing speed that it can be used for many different type of controlling applications.

- It allows easy addition of I/O ports. And it can be uses for controlling analog signal and communications as well as I/Os. So it has a wide range of user applications.

-It can be networked using Ethernet. (HMI communication, link between PLCs, loading work)

- Ethernet and other options can be built in the main Block. So no other communication block is needed .


Cimon Panel PC

1. The monitor-integrated industrial PC of CIMON-PPC equipped with a touch panel is an optimum touch panel PC for automation system capable of providing an optimum system for HMI software.

Functions of Operator Terminal (Touch panel PC)

1. The industrial PC may include a fan-less PC embedded with CIMON-SCADA, a compact touch panel PC and an XPANEL which is a window CE-based new concept touch device evolved from software and hardware technologies of CIMON.

2. The CIMON-touch is a window-based SCADA device.

XP/CP Expansion Module

1. Alarming function, sending CPU the slot number, when any of the slots on the expansion basement had error occurred.

2. Installed Network repeater allows installation of the expansion module at a remote location.(Remote I/O capability)

3. Set the expansion number using rotary switch.



DC Input Module

1. Internal circuitry is insulated by photo-coupler of relay.

2. Furnish a LED Indicator.


Main Block Specification

1. Abundant program capacity-8,000 steps

2. Device range:
- Internal Relay : 4,096 Points
- Data Memory : 5,000 words

3. Easy Expension
- Max. 3 Block Expansion



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