PLC- Programmable Logic Controller

PLC have 3 different series that solved different requirement:-

A) XP Seres for large usage requirements-

-Support the 32 Bit CPU, High speed Processing, Floating Point Processing.

-High-Capacity Memory Cpu/ Power/ Communication, Redundant System.

B) CP Series for Medium usage requirement-

- 16 bits CPU, Compact Size and Effortable price.

C) BP Series for small usage requirement-

- Builtin Type, Support 3 Extension Basement, High Speed Counter Input Device.

Product Features:-

- Friendly Size and huge in functions.

- Provides Perfect Compatibility between different series

- Relovutionary I/O Expansioon System

- Open Network Orientation

- Stability against Noise / Temperature

- Easy Communication/ Special Module Configuration

- Various Special modules such as Data logger/Load Cell

Redundant System

1. Redundant systems for CPU Module/Power Module/Base/Commication

2. When a malfunction occurred in Active CPU module, It activates the Backup CPU and allows flawless executions.

3. The cut-off switch allows easy system maintenance and repair. Supports redundant network installation

4. Realizing high-speed Backup / Active switching makes the Control Scan delay time within 50ms.

5. Redundancy of network with upper level system

6. Redundancy of expanded power



1. Read & Write data by using HMI Protocol
2. Provide communication funtion suitanle for multi-drop configuration which is able to link max 32 units.
3. Enable to control a PLC at a long distance with modem communication function
4. Allows setting up diverse baud rate from 300bps to 38400 bps.
5. Support DNP 3.0 protocol (CMI-SC01DNP)
6. Photo-coupler isolated RS422/485 channel



1. Slef dianosic system gives easy error maniputlation
2. Maximum of 16 base expansion
- An additional communication part mounted
(CM1 CP4C:RS232C, CM1 CP4d:Rs422/485)
3.Supports Various typrs of Programming
4.Provides more than 300 instructions


Example of System Configuration

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