Bosch Security - PLC

The Rexroth IndraLogic PLC system sets new standards for open automation with a consistent control, programming and communication design.

Whether PC, controller or drive, IndraLogic provides a uniform platform for any configuration while being fully compatible with the IEC 61131-3 standard.

On various platforms, the capacity and functionality of IndraLogic can be customized precisely to your centralized and distributed automation architecture.

Below are the catergories:-

Controller-based :

Indra Logic L : IndraLogic L10/20/40

PC- based :

Indra Logic L : IndraLogic VP/VS/VE

Bosch Security- Servo Drives: Converters IndraDrive C

  • Extremely high overload capacity
  • Power range from 1.5 kW to 75 kW with maximum current from 12 A to 210 A
  • Can be connected to inverters for cost-effective solutions
  • Direct mains connection from 200 V to 500 V

The IndraDrive C series of converters integrate inverter and power supply in one unit. The compact construction contains additional mains connection components, making it particularly suitable for single-axis applications.


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