The ABB range of HMI operator panels offers an excellent diversity of features and functionality to facilitate maximum operator comfort at a price to meet requisite budgetary needs.

ABB operator panels offer highly efficient and effective functionality such as alarm and event management, graphics, animation, macro and Ladder Diagram functionality and recipe management.

The range is available from a compact 3 inches monochrome version up to a large 10.4 inches colour TFT display. Most models are available in either STN or TFT screen format.



The AC500 PLC range offers latest generation levels of performance and scalability. It is also supports most industry standard communications variants making it an ideal solution for multi-protocol or multi-domain field bus environments.

It is also a very flexible range which offers different levels of CPU
performance in a simple product portfolio where our competitors, in most cases, need to supply several disparate platforms to support the same range of applications.

This also means that upgrades to meet increasing system performance demands are extremely simple and low cost. The PS501 Control Builder programming software also provides a standard programming package for the whole platform.

ABB AC500-eCo CPUs

To meet the cost effective demands of the small PLC market whilst offering total inter-operability with the core AC500 range.

Overview of AC500-eCo CPUS:-
- 1 internal serial interface, RS485 (2nd is optional)
- Centrally expandable with up to 7 expansion modules
- Optional SD card adapter for data storage and program backup

S500 I/O modules

Digital and analogue modules can be configured to best meet customer requirements as well as offering local and/or remote expansion options using most industry standard communications protocols

Small PLC AC31 series 40…50

The AC31 offers compact, high performance CPUs with various configuration options, including decentralized networking.

Both series 40 and 50 utilize the same AC31GRAF software which conforms to the IEC 61131-3 standard.

All devices have a very small footprint and offer high levels of functionality with up to 1 MByte of user memory as well as up to 60 integrated I/O connections (analogue and digital) and two serial interfaces (both of which are configurable for MODBUS or ASCII).

There is also a plug-in "smart media" card for saving user programs or for data storage.

An additional two communication interfaces with their own processors are also available integrated within the CPUs.

Hence the customer can choose varying combinations of
integrated field communications network protocols, e.g.
Ethernet + PROFIBUS DP, ARCNET + CANopen or CANopen
+ Ethernet.

The communications couplers are integrated within the standard housing of the CPU in order to save space. Tools for the configuration of the field buses used are already an integral part of the software package 907 AC 1131.

There is a very high degree of integration available across all three series of CPU’s.

Wireless automation devices

Wireless Interface for sensors and actuators WISA is a wireless sensor and actuator network technology that ABB developed to meet the demands of realtime factory automation applications, particularly multi-axis motion scenarios.

It covers both:
- Wireless communication (WISA-COM) and
- The optional wireless power supply (WISA-POWER).

WISA advantages:
- Higher reliability compared to moving cables and connectors providing outstanding productivity.

- Ideally suited for retrofits and sensor/actuator extensions.

- Can replace slip rings and contacts moving on tool changers (swivels) for higher reliability and cost reduction.

- Real-time capability: Cycle time of 2 ms for up to 120 field devices. For mapping operation, delay of 7 ms. When connected
to a PLC, typical delay below 20 ms until the signal is available on the field bus.

- High node density of up to 624 field devices without loss of performance.
- Free from frequency/radio planning.

- Coexistence with Bluetooth, WLAN, and other common radio systems.

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